WIC Interactive @11am

Join us in our new WIC gathering every Sunday starting 9 August at 11am via zoom!https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/97564110900

The revamped 30 minute gathering will be more interactive and accessible with teaching and break-out group discussions. After the teaching component there will be separate breakout rooms together with each of the pastors for some Q & A around the topic for those of you would like to stay on a little longer.

We have the priviledge of welcoming Therese Goodwin , Philip Ng and Tim Tan to the WIC Council on during the Congregational Meeting on 30 August 2020! Thanks again to the outgoing Council members who have served faithfully during their terms – Matthew Chee (Chairman), Andrew Tee (Finance), Joyce Cheam (Secretary) and Christine Chew. We’ll hear more from the Council shortly.

Thank You Lord Sunday is an annual season in WIC when we consider how we can express our gratitude and generosity in our time, talent and monetary offerings, towards the building of God’s kingdom. In addition to what Pastor Cory shared on Sunday, here’s the pastoral conversation to hep us reflect further https://subspla.sh/6kg2w9z . Let’s hear His voice and act on it!

Please feel free to contact your leaders or the pastors if you would like to find out more. Thank You Lord Sunday offerings will be received over the next few weeks. Details will be available soon.

See you on Sunday!
WIC Interactive
Every Sunday