Current Sermon Series:

Our new series explores how we can walk alongside our ministries to transform our city!

6 SeptemberGod empowers” discusses how God provides for the expansion of His Kingdom, and part of it is through empowering His people!

13 SeptemberThank You Lord Sunday“. Every year we set aside time to reflect on the faithfulness and generosity of God toward us and to respond to His kindness with our gifts.
This year has been particularly difficult, yet the principle of gratitude and generosity still stands. We are thankful to the Lord for so, so much, especially for His loving sacrifice for us in Jesus.

20 SeptemberGod Sends Hope“. Share this encouraging reflection as we look at how God gives hope in restoration and a new covenant.

27 SeptemberGod Unifies – Nehemiah“. This conversation helps us think about what unity in the church means and how it relates to transforming the city and the Church. We each play a part in building God’s kingdom ..hear the encouragement from each pastor here

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