WIC MissionFest 2020

Click above to hear Tiffany and Justin share about Missionfest 2020!

The kingdom of God continues to advance across the world, whatever the season. At WIC Missionsfest on October 18 – 30, we’re looking forward to to help stir up and nurture a passion for ‘His Kingdom come’, and the role we might play in it!
This year our theme is “Set Apart”. These are the words the Holy Spirit spoke to the Antioch Church in Acts 13, when He called them to “set apart” Paul and Barnabas for the mission He had prepared for them. We are echoing the call of the Spirit to be “set apart” for His global mission and asking you to consider – how might God be setting you apart?
Here are some highlights of what to expect this year:

  • Encouraging videos from our missionaries
  • An inspiring message from Guest speaker Sam Chan @ (10am service on 18th Oct)
  • A Virtual Mission trip (11am interactive on 18th Oct)
  • A special project focusing on an unreached people group for Kingdom Kids and wider church
  • A Missions booklet profiling our missionaries and plenty of resources on how you can get involved!
    Get excited! Our fervent prayer is you hear from God during this season about the role He would have you play – that you would know His call on you to be “set apart” for His glory.
    WIC Missions Committee

NEW!! This is something you need to listen to as the pastors delve into the “Set Apart” theme of this year’s Missionfest. The Mission of God didn’t begin only in the New Testament. Join us as we explore the Biblical imperative for Mission and why it matters for the church in our day. Deepen our understanding of how we are called to be part of the reconciling ministry and how others can be blessed through us!

Listen, you must!


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