Response to the unfolding COVID situation in Greater Sydney

Sunday Service: continue as scheduled

Regular Sunday Services will continue as scheduled, both: in person with COVID Safety measures; and online. However, we ask that if you have visited any of the various COVID Hotspots, you join us in worship online.

For those people who are able to gather, we will be putting an extra emphasis on safety. As per recently announced NSW government restrictions; capacity limits of 100 persons will now apply to the WIC City Service, and 50 for WIC Ryde Service.

Please continue to practice physical distancing, particularly before and after services.

We will continue to monitor closely the COVID situation and advise any changes to ‘in person’ gatherings.

Mandatory: Please wear a mask

As per the recent announcement by the NSW government, Wearing a mask is now compulsory in all public spaces – including places of worship. We ask that everyone bring and wear a mask when attending our ‘in person gatherings’. Masks will be provided at the welcome desk, should you forget to bring one.

COVID ‘Hot Spot’ Alerts

You can access the list of NSW Health COVID ‘Hot Spots’ at:

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