Spirit-LED Pledging 2021

Dear WIC Family,

We are so excited that as a loved part of the Wesley International family, you are key to God’s vision for “Transformed Lives, Transforming Cities” in Sydney and beyond.  Now more than ever, people need to know the transforming power of the love of Jesus, in Spirit, Word and deed. 

Throughout the Scripture, God is always calling His people to step out of their comfort zones into new places to join Him in bringing in the harvest.  As we continue our journey this year focusing on Spirit LED, He will continue His transformation in you and me.

We know that God has gifted each one of us uniquely to be part of His inspiring work in this city.  Everything we have is of Him and from Him (1 Chronicles 29:14) and we are to wisely steward His gifts for the sake of the kingdom (Matthew 25:14-20).  Over the next couple of weeks we would like to encourage you to prayerfully seek the Lord in how you can grow in your trust in Him as you honour Him with your talents, time and finances to help grow His kingdom in Sydney and beyond over the next year.

To help us seek the Lord as we complete the pledge card, you may wish to use the resources (including free downloadable 20 day devotional).

Please click here https://subspla.sh/4qy7p3n to download the City Pledge Card.

Please click here https://subspla.sh/nf3h6b6 to download the Ryde Pledge Card.

For a secure and easy way to give online, download the Tithe.ly mobile app here https://tithely.app.link/wesley-congregational-life . Click here to access the quickstart guide https://subspla.sh/nbn349q

With Love in Christ,

the Pastoral Team

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