Fruit of the Spirit – Bible Studies

How exciting that we are coming to the point in our journey of Spirit LED, where as a church, we can further invite the Holy Spirit into our lives through studying the Word together. Here are some studies which you may use in your Lifegroups or for personal study:

  1. “Relationship with the Holy Spirit” studies based on John 14-16. These studies use the “Discovery Bible Method” which applies simple questions to the text. There are 5 studies in this series aligned with the sermons from our first series earlier in the year.
  2. “Fruit of the Spirit” studies from Galatians. Studies 1 & 2.
  3. “Fruit of the Spirit” studies 3-5 on Love & Joy, Peace & Patience and Kindness and Goodness.
  4. “Fruit of the Spirit” studies 6 & 7 on Gentleness & Faithfulness, and Self-Control.

Click here for the studies

Please feel free to contact the pastors or your leaders should you need some support around these studies.

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