Soaking in the Word Devotional

As part of our journey of being “Spirit LED” in 2021, we have created a simple devotional guide designed to help deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit!

We are praying this guide will help us:

  • Grow in the habit of inviting the Sprit to lead us into the truth of Scripture
  • Be guided and empowered by the Spirit to live out God’s Words
  • Deepen our prayer and dependency on the Spirit for ourselves and others
  • Memorise and meditate on powerful bible verses that we might see transformation.

On this journey, we will soak in and memorise forty bible verses over forty weeks.

To soak in these Scriptures one at a time, we are encouraging you to set aside a regular time each day from Monday to Friday to engage with a bible verse each week. Both adult and youth versions of the devotional guide are available.

Download your ‘Soaking in the Word’ devotional guide here.

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