Spirit Led Discernment and Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination

What does Spirit led discernment mean? It’s relevant to our everyday living amidst many competing voices on social media during the “last days” (as Paul refers to the period before the second coming of Jesus), more so during the current season of uncertainty around COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination.

Pastor Cory addressed the topic on Sunday, 8 August (click here to watch https://youtu.be/jDovLB8NKlo). Mathew 24:3-8 shows us Jesus’ instructions :

1)Do not be deceived

2)Do not be disquietened

3)Do not believe when someone says “Look this is the Christ”.

Discernment is best done in community and Pastor Cory encouraged using a framework of “Them, Us and Me” to help us discern what we hear or read. (reference was made to “Them, Us and Me – How the Old Testament Speaks to People Today” by Jacqueline Grey)

We are encouraged that we do not need to be afraid but instead, we can be the light to a world in this current season of darkness. The Soul Training for this week is – every time you turn off an alarm, remind yourself : I won’t be alarmed; I choose to trust.

Pastor Cory also invited Dr Tim Tan (WIC Elder, medical doctor) to share about COVID-19 vaccination. Click here https://subspla.sh/h9y86kr to access the powerpoint he shared. Additional link here on information for breastfeeding mothers https://ranzcog.edu.au/…/covid-19-vaccination-information.

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