MissionsFest 2021 – Spirit LED

From the beginning, the church has always faced obstacles in proclaiming the gospel and advancing the mission of God.
So even though COVID impacts God’s mission, it will not impede it!

We are even more aware that in this season, we need the leading, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to creatively and faithfully proclaim the gospel and advance His kingdom locally and globally.
We need “Spirit LED Missions”, and this is our Missionsfest theme for 2021!

Dive right into Missionfest 2021 here Missionfest 2021 Booklet.

Please scroll down for the Prayer Calendar. Download the Tithe.ly app here https://tithely.app.link/wesley-international-congregation to receive prayer notifications during MissionsFest 2021.

Missions Project Support – Join us to make a difference!

COVID Food Care in Sri Lanka and India via Kidsreach and Heart for Kids

– Support by giving :

$20 provides a week’s groceries for a family. We hope to send out 500 food parcels every month. Join us to make a difference!

Donate online via EFT or BPay :

Account Name : Wesley Congregational Life

Account Number : 1502 2487

BSB : 062 000

Reference : 1100002

Donate via Credit Card :

Click here (Wesley Mission Secure Payment Gateway) https://www.wesleymission.org.au/christian-life/congregations/offering/#one and select “WIC MissionFest” in the drop-down options.

Or on Tithe.ly app https://tithely.app.link/wesley-international-congregation and select “WIC MissionFest” in the drop-down options.

  • Food parcels are needed because so many people are unemployed. They are day workers.
  • No work for today means no wage today to buy food with
  • We are partnering to give these to those in the community to bring some relief to kids and their families who are in need.
  • There is no distinction as to who is given parcels, not based on being in our own community / Christian / caste / evangelism etc. Because of this we actually have experienced many new relationships opening up because of the personal care.

Remnaths story…

My name is Rem and I am from a Muslim family here. My husband works as rag picker but because of the lock down, he does not have any work. I do not work as I am sick. We have 4 children in home. We did not have food in home as we finished all our saving. Even I sold the small gold ring I had. We were very much worried. Then we came to know about this place (one of H4K’s partners food distribution centres) and asked them to help us. Now we are getting food packets from this place every week. Thank you for helping us.

Nirm’s story

My name is Nirm. This lock down and covid situations really affected our lives especially the people who work as daily wage workers like me. Because of the restrictions we cannot go for work and there is no money with us. I used to have only one time food and even my groceries were finished. Then my friend told me about this place. Now I am getting food parcels every week from this place. I am so happy.

Missions Prayer Calendar & Notifications

Join us to pray with our Missionaries and Mission Partners. Please download the Tithe.ly app here https://tithely.app.link/wesley-international-congregation if you would like to receive prayer notifications during MissionsFest 2021.

Click here for MissionFest 2021 Week 2 Prayer Calendar.

We all know we should pray for missionaries but how do we do it? In this Bible Plan, using only the teaching of Jesus and the writings of Paul, Australian author and teacher Dr Barry Chant reveals vital principles and practices on this important topic. https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/26244-how-to-pray-for-missionaries . We would like to thank Barry for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://barry@barrychant.com.

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