Update on WIC Gatherings in January 2022

In light of the current COVID outbreak in Sydney and rising hospital admissions, we have made the difficult decision to return to on-line gatherings throughout the month of January.

While the pastors and elders are disappointed that we have to go back online for this month, we know that it is the most loving and caring thing to do for our WIC Family, broader Sydney community and our frontline health workers.

From Sunday 16 January to Sunday 30 January we will be livestreaming ONE WIC City and Ryde combined service.

Livestream links will be available on https://wesleyinternational.org.au/2020/09/27/connect-with-us-online/.  Any further information will be forwarded in the coming weeks.

This coming Sunday 16 January, we will be meeting online ONLY via Youtube (Not on Zoom).
1)Pre-service prayer over Zoom is https://uca-nswact.zoom.us/j/6412535563)

2)Youtube link is: 16 January Youtube

Kingdom Kids City and Ryde will hold a Summer Program via Zoom throughout January. Please email kingdomkidscity@gmail.com and kingdomkidsryde@gmail.com for details.

We understand that this decision may be disappointing and frustrating for many as we were hoping to be able to continue meeting in person. Let us keep caring for one another and holding one another and the whole COVID situation in our country in prayer.

Weekly Wednesday Night Prayer @ 8pm

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