Changes to Parking on Sundays

As the system is not fully operational, Secure has applied a $12 flat rate for everyone without the need for a PIN or voucher. This means all you need to do as you leave today is to tap your credit card and pay $12.

WIC Ministry Night

Date : 16 June, Friday
Time : 6.30pm
Place : Wesley Church, Ground Level

Wesley Mission Anniversary Service

Date : 18 June
Time : 10am
Place : Wesley Theatre

Please contact any Pastors regarding enquiries /expression of interest on baptism

WIC Congregational Meeting

Date : 18 June
Time : 12.30pm
Place : Lyceum
Get your lunch and join us for a time of fellowship and sharing after the Congregational meeting.  Refreshments will be provided.

YAM Camp

Freedom Bible Studies Part 2

Click here to download the bible studies

Join a Lifegroup!
Click here or the QR code to register your interest.

Lifegroups are clusters within the community that experience Christ-centred life together. They are a place for you to connect and grow with others. Group size differs but is on average about 10 people.

Being part of a Lifegroup is a top priority in our church life and we strongly encourage everyone to find a suitable Lifegroup.

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