WIC Focus 2023

What the Lord has laid on our hearts for 2023 is “Freedom”.
Throughout this year we will be exploring how we can be free in Christ, from sin and oppression, for the growth of God’s Kingdom.

It will be an exciting journey! Download the “Freedom” booklet for details on what’s in store on teachings, Lifegroup resources and discipleship growth and ministry nights.
Click the link below :

Exodus Freedom Bible Studies

God is leading us into a season of exploring our Freedom in Christ, our Freedom from everything the hinders us, and our Freedom to thrive in life and ministry.  We are praying that you will step into a newfound freedom in Christ this year. 

Pastor Andy wrote these studies to help all of us dig deeper into the promises of God. The story of Exodus is all about God delivering His people, and it’s truly amazing how much this story still resonates and teaches us 4,000 years later.

These studies were prayerfully designed with you in mind.  Open your heart to what God wants to say to you and experience a deeper freedom than ever before.


Click here for Exodus and Freedom Part 1 bible studies :

Study 1: Oppression & Deliverance
Study 2 : Justice My Way
Study 3 : The Call to God’s Freedom Plan
Study 4 : Divine vs Demonic Power
Study 5 : King Over False Idols

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