Update on Changes to Parking at Secure Carpark @137, Castlereagh Street, Piccadilly Centre

As the system is not fully operational, Secure has applied a $12 flat rate for all without the need for a PIN or voucher. This means all you need to do as you leave today is to tap your credit card and pay $12.

Going forward, the $12 discount will be accessed by self- service on Secure Parking’s website https://www.secureparking.com.au/en-au/. So the main change is that you need to book your parking before you drive here on Sunday or you will be paying full rates. The online booking will generate a PIN code for you which is used to enter and leave the car park.
Secure Parking will inform us when this change will take place.

If you have any questions around this new system, please contact our WCL office on Ph: 9263 5335 or email: christianlife@wesleymission.org.au.

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