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Join us in prayer for the Persecuted Church. Here’s the prayer calendar for May.

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Love Thy Neighbour

We have a video below to help families cope with this stressful period.

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The leaders across WIC have been praying and serving behind the scenes to grow our inspiring, caring and connecting across and beyond the church. We’re so grateful to be part of such a family together. 

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The Good News

Everything we do as a church and the reason we exist in the first place is because of God’s forgiveness through his son Jesus.  More than anything, we would like you to know this forgiveness and that God loves you and  has a plan for your life!

Some think that attending regular services, doing and being a good person would earn God’s approval on their lives.  The truth is that the only way to a fulfilling life and an eternal future in heaven is through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  1. God loves you very much.Because of God’s love for everyone, He desires for you to have an unbroken fellowship with him.  (John 3: 16; Ephesians 2: 4-5)
  2. Recognize that you are a sinner just like everyone else.We are all sinners as we have disobeyed God.  Sin is choosing to go your own way and to do your own thing as opposed to being obedient to God. (Isaiah 53:6; Romans 3:10)
  3. Sin separates you from God.Sin forms a barrier that prevents you from entering into unbroken fellowship with God, who is Holy.  You can’t have fellowship with God if you are an unclean sinner.  You are headed for a Christless eternity that the Bible calls Hell. (Isaiah 59:2; Romans 3: 23)
  4. You can’t save yourself.A lot of people thing that one can overcome the sin barrier between themselves and God through their own efforts.  This is not the case.  There is nothing we can do to restore the broken relationship with God.  You can’t earn God’s salvation.  (Ephesians 2: 8-9); Titus 3:5); Romans 4: 4-5)
  5. God sent His son Jesus to remove the sin barrier.Your sin is a barrier between you and God.  But the Good News is that Jesus has died on the cross for you and I and  then rose from the dead to demonstrate His love and that His payment was acceptable to God.  By taking the punishment on Himself, Jesus made a way for a relationship with God. (1 Peter 2: 23; Romans 5:8; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Romans 10:9)
  6. You can receive Jesus Christ through faith.Faith is believing in the unseen and trusting in what Jesus has done for you rather than on your own efforts to restore fellowship with God.  Faith is complete reliance on Christ to put you in the right relationship with God, thereby allowing Him to live through you.  Faith also involves repentance or genuine sorrow for sin and the willingness to turn away from sin. (John 14:6; Acts 16:31; Romans 10:9-10)
  7. You can trust in Jesus Christ through prayer.Admit to God that you are a sinner.  Express sorrow or repentance for your sinfulness.  Ask Him to forgive your sins and invite Jesus into your life as your Saviour and Lord.  Commit yourself to live for Him.

If you prayed this prayer to receive Christ for the first time, please give us a call us on 02 9263 5464 or email us and let us know!  We would love to walk with you on this journey and help you grow!  Accepting Jesus Christ is just the beginning of an incredible life-long journey!


At Wesley International Congregation, we have several ministries both at our City Congregations and Ryde which you can be involved.

Our ministries are broken down as follows:

  • Sunday service ministries
  • Reaching out to the community
  • Group ministries – Seniors / Young Adults / Women (Rubies)

Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids program runs concurrently with the 10am City Service and Ryde service. Children participate in a time of worship, followed by Bible teaching and fun activities.

For more information on KK, please contact Luvena Kurniawan (City) at or Elisa Schut (Ryde) at


DIGJC (Disciples Impacting this Generation for Jesus Christ) is a youth group for high-school students. We are passionate about seeing high-schoolers belong and grow in a community they can call family!

On Friday night DIGJC Youth meets in Eastwood AND the City.

On Sundays DIGJC youth meets at two locations: 10am in the City and 10am at Ryde.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more info on times and locations!

Like and follow us to find out more and stay updated!

Bluesky Young Adults

Bluesky is a young adults group for University students. It is for Uni students, run by Uni students, who come from all walks of life. We are a Christ-centred community – we seek to build each other up on the truths that Jesus spoke, in order to serve and impact those around us as Jesus modelled!

We meet every Friday at 6:30pm in the City (Wesley Mission Level 3). We also gather every Sunday at WIC Sunday services at 10am in the City (Wesley Mission Level LG).

Follow us for more info or to stay updated!

City For Jesus (Outreach and Healing Ministries)

Our ministry is based on Luke 9:1-2. This verse clearly calls us to preach the kingdom of God, heal the sick and cast out demons. At the Outreach, we have seen people open their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. In the Healing ministry, we have seen people healed. If you are sick and in need of healing, we would also like to pray for you. With God, all things are possible! Together with Jesus Christ we make a great team!

For more information, please contact Andre Oeysuma (


Lifegroups bring the community of Wesley International Congregation into your own neighbourhood. Building deeper friendships and learning more about God in an informal setting and invite friends to hear more about God. The lifegroups meet at various times in homes across Sydney. LIFE groups include times of Bible study and prayer in English, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese speaking groups.

To get yourself connected, please contact Jeane Finnegan at (City) or Cory Schut at (Ryde)


Axiom desires to see young adults made complete in Christ. We believe that as we set Christ as our Axiom, we will see lives transformed . Each week takes a different form, so like us on Facebook and sign up to Axiom news to stay updated.

If you like to sign up the Axiom e-news, please click on:

Or like us on Facebook at:

For more information, please contact Mark Childs (

Joy Ladies Fellowship

This is a chance for women to share in the love and goodness of God while participating in fun-filled activities or listening to guest speakers. Joy ladies fellowship meet on the third Sunday of each month from 12-1.30 pm.

For more information, please speak to June Lee (

Evergreen Fellowship

If you are over 55 then this is the group for you. Evergreen fellowship organises events ranging from luncheons to dinners as well as outings. Evergreen fellowship meets every third Sunday of each month on Level 3 Dudley Room, 220 Pitt Street from 12-2 pm.

For more information, please contact Shirley Ho at


Rubies is a group of young ladies between the ages of 18 to 35 who are desirous of seeing God working through their lives in blessing others. It seeks to empower ladies to find their calling within Wesley International Congregation and in God’s kingdom.

For more information, please contact Tiffany Gavel at


Playgroup in the city meets every Thursday of school term in the Underwood Room on Level 3, 220 Pitt Street from 10-11.30 am. Children aged 0 to 4 are invited to participate in activities at such as singing, craft activities, storytelling and more. Morning tea is provided and often families socialise together afterwards. Donation is $2 per family. Come and check it out.

For more information, please contact Christina Wong at

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are a group of people who have undergone extensive training to be able to walk alongside someone in need. You may be in need of someone who is objective and who can stand in the gap with you, to get you through a time of grief, a difficult life situation or you might just need someone to talk to or to pray with. All requests and issues are treated with utmost confidence.

To connect to a Stephen Minister, please contact


There are opportunities to serve in the neighbourhood and within our community in a range of different ways. Our ministries include:

Serve in the Community

Looking for ways to reach out to the community?  We have several ministries such as Missions in which you can serve the community.

Serve in the Welcome team

First impressions are important at Wesley International Congregation.  We would like to make our visitors as comfortable and welcome as possible when they come through our doors.  The Welcome team has many positions available where you can help us welcome newcomers or to help assimilate them into the church.

Serve in Kingdom Kids

We currently have 40 volunteers throughout our services.  Join us if you have a heart for children and to see them grow in God’s love.  We have many positions available to cater to our growing kids ministry.

Serve in the Student Ministry

Join us in creating a safe place for our students from high school to university to learn how to approach and face life’s challenges.  There are many serve positions available including leaders and more.

Serve in the Audio Visual Ministry

As our church grows, we welcome people who have a knack for video, audio and other production elements.  We need you!

Serve in the Sound Desk Ministry

This ministry is important to ensure that our sound system provides a good overall acoustic effect to our sanctuary.  If you have a good ear and able to work with the Worship team to ensure the sound is harmonious, we would like to hear from you!


Wesley International Congregation has a passion for God’s mission to the world. Our vision is to mobilise the congregation to reach people locally and overseas through prayer, giving, helping and going. We passionately support a number of missionaries across East and South-East Asia, and develop strategic partnerships with mission agencies in order to bring hope and restore brokenness in the world through Jesus Christ.

How you can help?  You can help in the following manner:

Pray – pray for our missionaries

Give – giving to support the missionaries and the work they do

Go – go out to the mission field

Help – offer your help in any way you can!

For more information, contact Lyn Chan


Once you are settled in to our church we would like to help you to grow in your spiritual walk and faith.

You can grow your faith through:

1. Teaching

  • After attending the Starting Points class, if you would like to be baptised and/or become a member of WIC, a Preparing For Baptism course is offered 4x/year, twice in each of our locations.
  • Whether you are baptised at Wesley International Congregation or were baptised elsewhere, you will know that your discipleship only starts with your baptism!  When Jesus promised a free, full, and forever life to his followers, he is inviting us into a life of holiness and adventure.  There is God’s part in this adventure and there is our part.At WIC, we believe a disciple is one who loves, trust, and obeys Jesus Christ, especially in going, baptising, and teaching so as to make disciples.  To be a disciple of Jesus, involves growing in your faith as much as growing in a Christian lifestyle, and doing so with a specific intention to bring glory, honour, and praise to God’s name and to his Kingdom, in such a way as others are drawn close to Jesus in their own faith and lifestyle.
  • To get you started on this journey, following your baptism, we have a series of Next Steps courses: “Growing a Love for God”; “Growing a Lifestyle of Obedience”; and, “Equipped for The Great Commission”.  These courses are offered at each of our locations throughout the year.
  • Also, it is important to know that your faith in Jesus draws you necessarily into the community of his disciples which is known as the Church.  This is another way of saying that no one can live or grow in their faith alone.  You are called into community with other disciples.  Your membership at WIC is one way of fulfilling this call. Our Life Groups are another way for you to connect with a small group of other disciples.  See below or speak to our Welcomers at the Welcome Centre for more information on how to join a Life Group near you.

2. Lifegroups

Lifegroups are an integral and important part of our church life.  Lifegroups provide a safe environment for you to meet new friends while at the same time is a forum for you to learn, be inspired, enjoy fellowship with like minded people.

At Wesley International Congregation, we have more than 30  Lifegroups spread over the Sydney Metropolitan area. Each Lifegroup has its own unique flavour and a number of different priorities.

The list below will help you to see the diversity and unique character of each group:

At Wesley International Congregation, we have more than 30  Lifegroups spread over the Sydney Metropolitan area. Each Lifegroup has its own unique flavour and a number of different priorities.

The list below will help you to see the diversity and unique character of each group:

  • Alpha – Introduction to Christianity
  • Prayer
  • Bible Study and Learning about God
  • Young Families and Parenting
  • Families with Teenagers
  • Fellowship and Eating Together
  • Relationships
  • Teenagers
  • Young Professionals
  • Young Adults
  • Seniors
  • Being Missional
  • Helping the Poor

While we celebrate diversity every Lifegroup holds four core values and beliefs:

  • Learning about God in the Bible is an important part of our Lifegroups. Our Lifegroups study and seek to encounter and understand God in His word.
  • Inspiration and meaning comes out of a relationship with God. We meet informally, mostly in homes and our aim is to encounter God and reveal Christ and to affirm that everyone needs the grace of God.
  • Fellowship happens in lifegroups and in our experience lifegroups are fantastic for building deep friendships and a sense of belonging which helps our members feel like they are a significant part of our Church. Simply said they practise being part of the body of Christ.  We are also welcoming and celebrate multiculturalism. Our members come from a wide range of ethnicity and backgrounds but we are all one in Christ.
  • Evangelism or sharing the ‘Good News’ in Spirit, Word and Deed is highly valued.

If you would like some more information about our Lifegroups, please contact

Or visit the Welcome Centre. 

3. Alpha Course

  • If you need answers to questions such as “What is the purpose of life?, What happens when we die, What relevance does Jesus have for our lives today…” then the Alpha course is for you.
  • The Alpha course runs twice yearly and covers topics from “Who is Jesus” to “How to pray”.  It is for everyone from Christians to those who would like to find out more and brush up on the basics.

4. Resources

  • We also provide bible study materials as well as resources from our library which will help your growth.

5. Serving

  • Finally, in growing your Christian faith and lifestyle, it is important to use the gifts, talents, and resources that God has blessed you with in service towards others: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (Jn 13:35).  WIC has a number of ministries through which you can serve your brothers and sisters in faith.  As well, Wesley Mission has a range of services through which you can begin to use your gifts and talents to reach out and serve those in your neighbourhood.  Speak to our Welcomers at the Welcome Centre for more information.

Sermons Online

This year, we are focusing on discipleship.  We started with the Identity of a disciple as displayed in the Sermon on the Mount.  We then went through the book of Mark looking at what it means to be a disciple.

We are seeking to make disciples who are:

“In relationship with the Holy Spirit, a disciple continually places their trust in God and grows in loving, obeying and making disciples of Jesus.”

For the rest of the year we will be looking at making disciples at different stages: CONNECT, GROW and SERVE.

Listen to our sermons here.

You can also download Wesley International Congregational app in the app  store.