WIC and Missions

Wesley International Congregation has a passion for God’s mission to the world.

Our vision is to mobilise the congregation to reach people locally and overseas through prayer, giving, helping and going. We passionately support a number of missionaries across East and South-East Asia, and develop strategic partnerships with mission agencies in order to bring hope and restore brokenness in the world through Jesus Christ.

WIC Youth are also involved in camps to support rural NSW church youth communities.

Here are some ways you can help:

Pray – for our missionaries and the people they serve

Give – support the missionaries and the work they do

Go – out to the mission field

Help – offer your help in any way you can!

If you have a question about our missions send Pst Andy an email, andrew.chin@wesleymission.org.au

Our Mission Partners

Heart for Kids

God is re-writing kids life stories through the ministry of Heart for Kids who have been providing safe clean drinking water, housing, education, and emergency aid for children in India, China and Indonesia since 2002. This has helped & encouraged thousands of children, their families and future generations.

Women are also in desperate need in India so Heart for Kids have provided women’s tailoring schools which allows them to train and then open small village business’s to provide for the children.

These activities conducted either by their own staff or partners in-country have led to amazing moves of God in lives, completely turning around the futures of hundreds if not thousands of people. Read life changing stories and how you can be involved at their website.

Click to visit the Heart for Kids website


Kidsreach was started in NZ in 1994 from a vision to assist those who work with children. Since that time, centres have been set up in three countries (NZ, Australia and Sri Lanka) and partnerships with missions and indigenous outreaches to children in 7 other countries.

Click to visit the Kidsreach website