Our Elders

Welcome to our new elders elected into WIC Council on 27 November 2022

Tina Chua


Tina has been in WIC since 2005 with her family.

In addition to being mum and Thermomix Consultant, Tina enjoys serving at Ryde in various ministries, particularly in the Worship team. Her husband, Allan, has also been actively serving in AV and recording.

“My passion is to share my love for God in worship and I hope that everyone will know that God loves to bless anyone who comes to Him. We are blessed to be a part of a Christ centred and people focused Church.”

Brian Ho


Brian has been part of WIC for well over 30 years, having come to faith, was baptised, discipled and got married at WIC! Brian and his family (wife Natalie, daughter Tiana) have been joyfully worshipping and serving in WIC.

Over the years, Brian has served in a number of intergenerational ministries including KK, Youth, Young Adults and Adult Life Groups. He has also had the privilege of serving as an elder previously.

“WIC is my family! Understanding that no family is perfect, my passion is to see our family fully equipped for every good work, transforming the cities around us.

Jess Jin


Jess has been at WIC since 2013, after coming to know Christ through a DIGJC Winter Camp. She comes from a family of 5 with two siblings. Her sister Marina, is serving as a DIGJC leader, and Jeffrey has just finished HSC. Jess just got married in June this year to Jason, who used to be the Ryde Youth Worker for DIGJC. 

Jess currently works as an Actuary at PwC.

Jess has served in various capacities – leading at DIGJC and KK Camps, serving as a Bluesky Leader from 2017-2020 and was part of the core worship team at City (till 2020), and now serving at Ryde. 

Jess has called WIC her home for almost a decade. During this time, her love for the Lord has grown by the ministries of our congregation, through opportunities for worship, reading the Word and fellowship with Brothers & Sisters in Christ.

“Because of my desire to see those around me also grow to know and love Jesus, what I’m most passionate about is serving. It is a natural way for me to outpour and express my love for the Lord, and my love for those around me, and is also a way that I can give back to WIC.”

We also welcome David as our Chairman for a third term and Tiffany Tan who’s returned from a year away in furlough

David Ryan


David came to WIC around 2007 with his wife Beth. They have three adult children and two grandchildren. David is an ordained pastor with SCAC and a business owner for the past 40 years. He founded and leads an active mercy ministry in China, India and Indonesia and usually travels extensively. He is passionate about seeing God move through the local church, especially its life groups.

Tiffany Tan


Tiff joined WIC as part of the university ministry almost two decades ago, and since then has called WIC home. Now married to Chris, they lead a LIFE Group and are passionate about living a life marked by worshipping God and serving others. 

Tiff regularly serves as an MC in the city service, and often helps out behind the scenes at special events or supporting the service team. She loves to see broken people made whole as they walk with Christ and Christian community — so is very excited about Wesley Mission’s new vision to see its church and community services arms become more integrated, ministering together in new ways to reach more people who need the hope of Christ and practical support. Bring it on!

We thank our current elders for their continuing steadfast service and faithful encouragement!

Tim Tan


Tim and his wife, Mun, have been attending WIC since 2007 and are parents to Chris.

Tim works as an emergency medicine specialist, and currently leads a life group in the Inner West.

Tim is passionate about life groups and his hope is that every member of WIC will experience the transforming power of life groups.

Therese Goodwin


Growing up in a church-going family, Thérèse Goodwin, for as long as she can remember, desired to know God. At 19, she came to know him personally and, soon after, began to serve the Lord in areas including worship leading and children’s ministry. She married David in 1973 and since then have been in ministry with God together.

Thérèse and David moved with their family of six children to Australia in 1999. In 2005, they joined WIC, where Thérèse has served in various ministry roles. Therese enjoys gardening, horse riding, sightseeing, movies.

Ronit Roy

Elder; Youth Director

A part of WIC for almost five years, Ronit works full-time as our WIC Youth Ministry Director, overseeing DIGJC Youth and Young Adults, as well as supporting Sunday service ministry.

Ronit is passionate about building our church community for the sake of the Kingdom; helping serve the next generation to grow into all Jesus has for them uniquely and as part of the wider body of Christ.

“I want to be a part of building WIC for the generations to come and seeing our young people continue to mature and grow to be more Christ-like (Eph 4:14-15).”

Angus Brackenreg


A part of WIC since May 2018 when he married his lovely wife and WIC member, Sarah Ong – they now have an 18-month old daughter.

Angus is currently at the ATO, after some years in private practice; also spent a year overseas with International Justice Mission.

His passion is for Jesus’ name to be glorified in Sydney; the gospel to be proclaimed and the lost to be found.

“I see incredible value in life groups, as well as in intergenerational and cross-cultural connectedness within the church. I’ve been so encouraged by sharing with others in our walk with Jesus.”

Samuel Burtt


Sam has been a part of WIC for 14 years. Married to Eldora with their three children.

Sam has worked as a high school teacher before moving into full-time ministry with Power to Change.

He has served on the worship team and other ministries in WIC since 2007. Sam currently leads a Life Group (South-West).

“I’m passionate about using music to glorify God, seeing young people meet Jesus, and multiplying discipleship – especially among young men.”

Our Pastors

Our Pastors: Andy Chin, Cory Schut, and Jeane Finnigan are also members of our Council of Elders

Read more about our Pastoral Staff Team