Love Thy Neighbour

Most of us are facing difficulties in some shape or form during this pandemic season. Some of us need support; while others are able to help. As part of WIC Devoted vision, “Love Thy Neighbour” is an initiative in response to the call as disciples to love and serve others, especially in the prevailing circumstances. Click here to submit a request form for support (prayer, pastoral visit, grocery, meal) for yourself or someone in WIC. Please email should you need clarifications.

Devoted – Persevering : 1 Peter

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1 Peter 5

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1 Peter 3

Pastoral conversation on 1 Peter 3

1 Peter 2

Pastoral conversation on 1 Peter 2

1 Peter 1

Join us as we unpack the inspiration in 1 Peter 1 to persevere in our devotion to Jesus with special guest Ps Barry Chant!

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1 Peter 5 Going Deeper

1 Peter 4 Going Deeper

1 Peter 3 Going Deeper

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Love Thy Neighbour

We have a video below to help families cope with this stressful period.

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The leaders across WIC have been praying and serving behind the scenes to grow our inspiring, caring and connecting across and beyond the church. We’re so grateful to be part of such a family together. 

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KK videos

Here you will see familiar faces as your KK team post videos for you.

Object lesson to show that God is with us and He can hold us through all that’s happening
God is real even though we can’t see Him #mysignalofhope
Holy Spirit is our Helper | Object Lesson
Let’s do some origami
Be holy because I AM holy
God chose you
God can be trusted

Children Under 5

God is so great and I am so small
Easter story for our preschoolers #mysignalofhope
I am special to God
The Bible
Story time
Be holy because I AM holy
God chose you
God will not leave you
Jesus shows us humility