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Connect with us through our regular online Sunday and Midweek interactions. Here are the links:

WIC MissionFest 2020

Click above to hear Tiffany and Justin share about Missionfest 2020! MISSIONSFEST 2020: “SET APART“The kingdom of God continues to advance across the world, whatever the season. At WIC Missionsfest on October 18 – 30, we’re looking forward to to help stir up and nurture a passion for ‘His Kingdom come’, and the role we…

Thank You LORD Sunday!

Thank You Lord Sunday is an annual season in WIC when we set aside time to reflect on the faithfulness and grace of God toward us and respond to His kindness by considering how we can express our gratitude through generosity in our time, talents and monetary offering towards the building of God’s kingdom. This…

Compassionate Conversations

Do you want to reach out to someone in conversation and help them feel Christ’s love and compassion… but unsure how to?

Mid Week Devotion

Join us as we meditate on the book of Psalms. Click on images below for reflections on Psalm 1 to 14

If you’d like to catch up on previous Sundays…..

 To catch up on Combined English service of past Sundays, please search for “Wesley Mission English Service” on YouTube or Wesley Mission podcast shows on Spotify and iTunes by searching “Wesley Mission 10.30am”. To catch up on past WIC Gathering @3pm, please search for “WIC Worship Gathering” on YouTube. For all our 11am interactive sessions,…

KK videos

Here you will see familiar faces as your KK team post videos for you.

Creative Kids

Click in for resources that you can do with your kids at home.

WIC 2020 Vision

Wesley International Congregation Vision and theme for 2020 is now available. Click in for more information.