Connect with us online

Connect with us through our regular online Sunday and midweek interactions. From 25 July, we’ll be having our Sunday service on Zoom which will be streamed to Youtube live. You are invited to join us either on YouTube or Zoom. Here are the links:

Kingdom Kids Camp 2021

Great news! KK Camp 2021 is happening very soon! We are excited to have Cathie and Brendon Clancy as our guest speakers this year. It’s a great opportunity for them to encounter God’s love and be discipled, while enjoying each other’s company with fun activities and discussion times. More than forty children have registered for…

MissionsFest 2021 – Spirit LED

From the beginning, the church has always faced obstacles in proclaiming the gospel and advancing the mission of God.So even though COVID impacts God’s mission, it will not impede it! We are even more aware that in this season, we need the leading, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to creatively and faithfully proclaim…

Pastoral Conversation on WIC’s Stance on the Holy Spirit

As part of our focus on Spirit LED in 2021, the Pastoral Team has recorded a set of videos to share with you what WIC believes about the Holy Spirit.The intention of these recordings will help clarify our theological perspective on the Holy Spirit and His vital role in the life of every believer, in…

Spirit Led Discernment and Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination

What does Spirit led discernment mean? It’s relevant to our everyday living amidst many competing voices on social media during the “last days” (as Paul refers to the period before the second coming of Jesus), more so during the current season of uncertainty around COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination. Pastor Cory addressed the topic on Sunday,…

Soaking in the Word Devotional

Holy Spirit,
May You lead, guide, reveal and empower us over these forty weeks!
May You transform us and transform people through us as we go on this journey together!

WIC Elder Nomination

Elder nominations for WIC Council (2022 to 2024 inclusive) has closed on 28 August. The Pastoral Team will confirm the date of the next Congregational Meeting (tentatively 17 October) and nominees will be announced to the Congregation 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Click here for the current Council of Elders

Kingdom Kids

Click in for resources that you can do with your kids at home.

Fruit of the Spirit – Bible Studies

How exciting that we are coming to the point in our journey of Spirit LED, where as a church, we can further invite the Holy Spirit into our lives through studying the Word together. Here are some studies which you may use in your Lifegroups or for personal study: “Relationship with the Holy Spirit” studies based on…

One on One Prayer

Dear WIC family, We continue to be in prayer for you during this challenging time. If you would like a Pastor or Elder to contact you for personal prayer, please email to: and your request will be forwarded to the pastoral team and eldership. All requests for prayers will be kept confidential.

Spirit-LED Pledging 2021

Dear WIC Family, We are so excited that as a loved part of the Wesley International family, you are key to God’s vision for “Transformed Lives, Transforming Cities” in Sydney and beyond.  Now more than ever, people need to know the transforming power of the love of Jesus, in Spirit, Word and deed.  Throughout the…