WIC Lifegroups

Lifegroups are one of the key blocks in our Life Ministry.

What is a Lifegroup?

Lifegroups are small groups within the community that experience Christ-centred life together. They are a place for you to connect and grow with others. Group size differs but is on average around 10 people. The Lifegroup usually meets at the leader’s or member’s home or a designated room at the church building, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to share whats been happening in peoples lives, enjoy some food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

Being part of a Lifegroup is a top priority in our church life and we strongly encourage everyone to find a suitable Lifegroup.

Check out some of our Lifegroups here !

Christmas Gathering
Christmas Gathering
WIC Ryde Lifegroups 2022

Please contact Pastor Jeane Finnegan mailto:jeane.finnegan@wesleymission.org.au if you are attending WIC City and would like to enquire about, join or host a lifegroup.

Please contact Pastor Cory Schut mailto:cory.schut@wesleymission.org.au if you are attending WIC Ryde and would like to enquire about, join or host a lifegroup.

Get a feel of the groups from the Lifegroup Leaders’ comments here https://subspla.sh/4k3b25q

Hope to see you soon!