Pastoral Conversation on WIC’s Stance on the Holy Spirit

As part of our focus on Spirit LED in 2021, the Pastoral Team has recorded a set of videos to share with you what WIC believes about the Holy Spirit.
The intention of these recordings will help clarify our theological perspective on the Holy Spirit and His vital role in the life of every believer, in the life of the Church and in the Kingdom of God.

The videos according to topics are :

1) Baptism of the Holy Spirit, (Baptism of the HS)

2) Being filled with the Holy Spirit, (Being Filled with the Holy Spirit)

3) Leading of the Holy Spirit, (Leading of the HS)

4) Speaking in Tongues, (Speaking in Tongues)

5) The Holy Spirit and Prophecy, (HS and Prophecy)

6) The Holy Spirit and the Miraculous, (HS and the Miraculous)

Click here Introduction Video  to watch the introduction and here to watch the full video (approximately 40 mins)Pastoral Conversation on HS Full Video .  Please contact the pastors if you have any questions.

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