EMPOWERED : Discovering Your SHAPE

Empowered to Make Disciples Using Our Gifts

Each person has been uniquely created by God. Each one of us is born with certain characteristics and innate abilities that we grow into and develop over the course of our lives.

We are gifted for the sole purpose of glorifying God as we serve to help grow His Kingdom where He places us. While every Christian is gifted to serve, many are unaware of their gifts and or how they can be used to help grow God’s kingdom. This series aims to help you discover and more fully understand how God has shaped you.

There will be a series of 8 videos with accompanying reference material.

Click here for the videos and handouts
SHAPE Video 1 :Introduction and Residential Gifts

SHAPE Video 2 : Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

SHAPE Video 3: People in Roles

SHAPE Video 4 :Heart

SHAPE Video 5 : Abilities

SHAPE Video 6: Personality

SHAPE Video 7 : Experience

SHAPE Video 8 : Calling

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