Community is an important part of the WIC experience.

It is through our connection with others that we can grow in our faith, receive support and encouragement, and serve together to make a positive impact on our city and the world. We believe in Transforming Live & Transforming Cities and this happens in community.

Community is essential for spiritual growth. We were not meant to live out our faith alone. The bible speaks of iron sharpening iron, so we are meant to sharpen one another in our life journeys. We need the support, guidance, and wisdom of others to help us navigate life’s challenges and to grow in our relationship with God. Community provides a safe space where we can be vulnerable, ask questions, and seek guidance from those who are further along in their faith.

Secondly, community is important for emotional support. Life can be tough, and we all face challenges from time to time. In these moments, having a supportive community around us can make all the difference. We need people who will listen to us, pray for us, and offer practical help when we need it. Community helps us to feel connected and valued, even during difficult circumstances.

Thirdly, community is crucial for service. We are called to love and serve others, and we can do this most effectively when we work together. When we come together as a community, we can make a positive impact on our local and global communities. Whether it’s feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, or advocating for justice, we can accomplish so much more when we work together.

Community is important in the life of WIC for every age group, so we have activities for children and adults alike.

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